Jim Lemieux has retired from Sawtooth. We congratulate and thank him for his many years of dedicated service to the company, his customers, and your communities.

​company history

Lori Balcer acquired the Sawtooth business in May of 2018 after having served on the team since 2010.  Lori has experience in ambulance sales and service and previously worked for the largest commercial ambulance provider in Billings, MT as a paramedic.  She and her husband Mike live outside of Billings.  Lori can be contacted at Lori@sawtoothev.com

Our Team

​FDIC Conference, Indianapolis, IN April 2013

Carrie Johnston is new to the Sawtooth Family bringing a fresh look and perspective to our business.  Carrie is an Ada County Paramedic and knows first hand the current day-to-day needs of the EMS provider.   You will be seeing and hearing from her in the Idaho and Oregon areas and can be contacted at carrie@sawtoothev.com

Sawtooth is a family-owned and operated corporation.  We are committed to providing you the very best service while making the experience friendly, personal, and easy-being supported by industry professionals experienced in meeting your needs. Please contact us today!

James Ackerman remains part of the Sawtooth Family assisting customers in Washington and Alaska.  Along with the rest of us, he has spent a significant part of his life as a Paramedic.  He can be contacted at james@sawtoothev.com


7805 Pinto Drive Shepherd, MT 59079

our mission

Sawtooth was formed in April 2007 with the goal of bringing quality sales and service to the customer's doorstep.  The team brings  60+ years of experience in EMS provides insight as to what is important to the customer and what tools they need to provide exceptional patient care.